Where Are We Wednesday?

1909 beer delivery in Lancaster by a steam powered lorry.

Before the internal combustion engine there was the ever reliable steam mode of transport.

In this photo from 1909 we have two dray men with a delivery of beer – bottles and hogshead (for those of you with long memories) – from Yates and Jackson, Brewers of Lancaster to a pub in the town.

1909 steam dray vehicle of Yates & Jackson, Brewers Lancaster

Driving such a magnificent vehicle would clearly be a skilled job so the man on the right would be the driver whilst the man on the left wore an apron whilst he did all the heavy work.

Lovely piece of nostalgic history but where are we?

A similar view in recent years
Then and Now outside The Alexander, Lancaster

Photos courtesy Andrew Reilly, Lancaster Past and Present.

If you have any ‘then and now’ photos within the Lancaster and Morecambe District which you would like featured on our Where Are We Wednesday? page please contact us via our Contact & Join Us page

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