Lancaster Civic Vision

The voice of Lancaster Civic Society and Lancaster Vision

What is Lancaster Civic Vision?

Lancaster Civic Vision is an organisation dedicated to Improving the quality of life experienced by the of residents Lancaster. We define Lancaster as the entire administrative area of the City Council. This includes Lancaster, Morecambe and surrounding areas

We were originally established to promote and encourage the highest standards of architecture and town planning, and to preserve and improve buildings and areas of architectural and/or historic significance. Whist these remain core aims of Lancaster Civic Vision we have, more recently, expanded our focus to include regeneration and environmental issues.

We believe that Lancaster is very a very special place and has the potential to offer the best quality of life in the North West.

We have the major communities of Lancaster with its heritage assets, and Morecambe, a vibrant seaside town, together with highly attractive villages, beautiful countryside, and a stunning coastline.

We lie within 25 miles of the centre of the UK and have superb road and rail links namely the M6 and the West Coast Mainline.

Home to one of the leading universities in the country and with a diverse and innovative economic base including brewing, the flourishing and expanding Port of Heysham, a nuclear power station, and an emerging digital sector.

The Lancaster District has one of the largest cultural clusters in the North West with a wealth of facilities and talent

Celebrating our heritage – Lune Aqueduct completed in 1797 – photo Ian Greene

To help realise this ambition we are working to support the efforts of stakeholders and anchor institutions such as local authorities, universities and colleges, the NHS and others.

Our local community has an enormous pool of talent. We work in a way that seeks to capitalise on this community capacity.

Our work is directed by an Executive Committee which meets monthly. The Executive is supported by two sub-committees dealing with planning and regeneration issues.

Enhancing our environment – view across Morecambe Bay – photo Ian Greene

Currently we are working on a number of initiatives all designed to help deliver our ambitions.

These include:

  • “The Streets are Ours” an ambitious initiative with the City Council to improve the appearance our streets and open spaces
  • Consideration of measures that need to be put in place to ensure that that the potential benefits of Eden North are fully realised
  • Engagement with the City Council’s Housing and Culture & Heritage Advisory Groups to influence how Council services are delivered
  • The launching of an Architectural Competition in collaboration with Lancaster University and the City Council to promote higher design standards.

Our membership is expanding as we embark on new initiatives. If you would like to join us in our mission to become the area with the best quality of life in the North West please fill in your details at our Contact and Join Us Page

Shaping our future – an artist impression of the proposed Eden Project Morecambe

Climate Emergency

Lancaster Civic Vision commend Lancaster City Council for establishing a Citizens Jury on Climate Change and we generally support their recommendations.

Accordingly, Lancaster Civic Vision has made the following commitments:

  • To review our charitable objectives to make explicit reference to combatting climate change.
  • To take account of climate change in our practices, activities, events and meetings.
  • To inform our local community about how the Civic Society is responding to the challenges the planet is facing, by developing local initiatives, and highlighting practical actions to combat climate change.
  • To support and develop the capacity and skills of individuals and communities, to understand and act to conserve, protect, and improve the environment of our locality