Lancaster Civic Vision

The voice of Lancaster Civic Society and Lancaster Vision

For over fifty years, since its inception in 1967, the Lancaster Civic Society – now known as Lancaster Civic Vision – has overseen the preservation of the heritage of the Lancaster and Morecambe district, and its outstanding natural beauty, whilst assisting in its future development.

Celebrating our heritage

Our objectives are:

To promote and encourage the following objects within the area administered by the Lancaster City Council:

  • To improve the quality of life for the people of this area by charitable means but not otherwise
  • To encourage high standards of architecture and town planning
  • To stimulate public interest and care for the beauty, history, and character of the area
Enhancing our environment
  • To encourage and actively participate in the preservation, development, and improvement of features of general public amenity or historical interest
  • to engage with, co-operate with, and assist any and all regulatory, statutory, corporate and other bodies in the economic development and regeneration of the area
Shaping our future
  • To pursue these ends by means of meetings, exhibitions, lectures, publications, and other forms of instruction and publicity, and promotion of schemes of a charitable nature


Lancaster Civic Vision commend Lancaster City Council for establishing a Citizens Jury on Climate Change and we generally support their recommendations.

Accordingly, Lancaster Civic Vision has made the following commitments:

  • To review our charitable objectives to make explicit reference to combatting climate change.
  • To take account of climate change in our practices, activities, events and meetings.
  • To inform our local community about how the Civic Society is responding to the challenges the planet is facing, by developing local initiatives, and highlighting practical actions to combat climate change.
  • To support and develop the capacity and skills of individuals and communities, to understand and act to conserve, protect, and improve the environment of our locality


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